Declaration of Warranty
The warranty range of product
Product Warranty content & limit No warranty
Coilover 1.Leaking struts: new replacement

2.Nitrogen reservoir: shipped back for repair
1 year 1. The faulty product is caused by customer's misuse or improper installation.

2.The coilover with changed damping setting, spring rate or non-standard setting.

3.Outer parts of the coilover (Top mount, Pillowball, Bearing, Lower mount, Spring, etc)

4.The rubber parts (Dust cover, Rubber top mount, Bushing, etc.)

5.Special types for racing purpose (Rally gravel or snow use).

6.Unusual noise isn't covered by the warranty.
Brake system 1.Caliper with dust cover:leaking caliper (new replacement) 5 years

1.The ripping or fading of surface coating.

2. Consumable brake parts (Disc, Brake Pad, Oil Line, etc.)

3.Centre bell and mounting bracket.

4.The slight noise of brake.

5.Slotted discs or discs with custom design.

2. Caliper with dust cover: deformed and cracked 10 years
3.Caliper without dust cover:leaking caliper (new replacement) 2 years
4.The crack of thick line directly through the disc 3 years
Forged wheel Wheels cracks if the wheels are without damage: new replacement 2 years 1.The ripping or fading of surface coating.

2.The shape changed cause from hit other things.
Air suspension 1.Leaking struts: new replacement

2.Air bags with damage: new replacement

3.Air compressor: shipped back for repair

4.ECM Assembly: shipped back for repair
1 year 1.The damage caused by the confliction between air bags and other components.

2.Electronic products (remote control, electronic control system)

3.Only buy the air struts (warranty is for completed kit)
1.The product isn't covered by the warranty if bar code is torn or damaged.

2.The buyer has to provide inspecting video as the seller's request. The warranty is valid only when the failure is confirmed.

3.All the replacement parts will be shipped with buyer's other orders, the seller will not cover the shipping cost.

4.All products won't be provided with warranty, if distributor who does not purchase System Resource Software or obtain no detailed sales record.