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  • Carbon Discs are the top braking technology in the world. This is the best choice for racing. Besides, it is suitable for high-end consumers for the street use.
  • Centerbells are made of forged aluminum 6061. With CNC turning technique, it is provided with the features of lightweight, rigidity and hardness. The surface is titanium coating.
  • The screws of the centerbell are made of titanium. They can speed up the heat dissipation, endure the powerful torque force, and increase the safety of usage.
  • The available sizes are 356mm, 380mm,  400mm and 421mm. Suitable for 18’’, 19’’, 20’’  and 21’’ wheels.
  • Brake pads are specifically for Carbon Discs. Cannot apply ordinary pads on it. 
  • The maximum temperature tolerance will be over 1000° C. It is suitable for all kinds of road conditions and race tracks.
  • Accept customizations for all car models.
  • Because the braking of the Carbon Discs is very powerful, it is highly recommended that customers should install the front and rear brakes at the same time.
  • Accept customization for the color of the caliper according to Axalta or PPG color code. The kit includes one set of brake system: Discs x2pcs, caliper x2pcs, brake pads x1set, brake lines x1set, brackets x2pcs
356mm 380mm 400mm 421mm
13000USD 15000USD 17000USD 19000USD